مجله تلویزیونی پنجره


Satellite Frequencies/Channels

You can watch PANJARA TV via FTA (Free-to-Air) satellites all over the world.

PANJARA TV is still very young and we are utilizing satellite bandwidth sub-leased from a 3rd party provider, Omid-e-Iran.  However, we are working on securing satellite bandwidth dedicated for PANJARA TV and other independent Afghan TV operators who wish to broadcast their programming via this 24/7 bandwidth.  Until then, you can watch PANJARA TV using the following frequencies in your respective region.

Region Satellite Transponder Frequency Polarity Sym Rate FEC
World Wide HOTBIRD 154 11585 VERTICAL 27.500 Msymb/sec 3/4
Europe/Asia Telestar 12 KA10 12608 HORIZONTAL 19.279 Msymb/sec 2/3
North America Telestar 5 KA10 12152 HORIZONTAL 20.000 Msymb/sec 3/4

Where to buy a satellite receiver?

You may purchase a satellite receiver from your local dealer, or you can purchase one on the web.  We can not recommend a certain web store, however for your convenience, we have listed the following web sites which we have found through a simple search on the web:

Alternatively, you may search on for your favorite FTA receiver at discounted prices.  Please be careful to purchase your receiver and dish antenna from a reputable eBay seller to avoid any financial losses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Please click here.

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